Who Needs My Services?

  1. Newcomers to grants and proposals
  2. Those who need help with Collaborations
  3. Those who need assistance in team-building within their organization
  4. Those who want to submit a Competitive Grant Application
  5. Those who need help with Evaluation and Budget Preparation
Dr. Ram Nayar Identify Funding Sources, Proposal Development, Strategic Planning, Conduct Workshops and Seminars, Grant Writing, External Evaluator

Will provide the following Services.You may choose one or more of the services depending on your needs.

Identify Funding Sources

Depending on the needs of the client, we will search for the right match that will bring positive results

Proposal Development

We will assist in the proposal development on all its aspects – Specific aims through Evaluation and Budget preparation.

Strategic Planning

Will help to identify key collaborators, personnel and development of concepts that will bring positive results in getting the grant funded.

Conduct Workshops and Seminars

Help new or first time investigators in the art of writing a successful proposal through seminars or hands-on workshops.

Grant Writing

Will write new proposal in consultation with the client, or restructure a proposal that has been unsuccessful the first time submitted, or revise a proposal to answer the reviewers’ questions or comments for resubmission.

Review of Grants Written

Will serve as the “third eyes” to your proposal to provide feedback on the proposal with constructive criticism and valuable comments. The review will include the style, clarity, organization and the impact statement on the proposal.

External Evaluator

Dr. Ram is available as an external evaluator especially for STEM grants, and any other grants.


Identifying and managing grants that match objectives of the organization or individuals.

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“How to” workshops and Seminars

How to write winning proposals and how to prepare a budget that is sure to be funded.

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Speaker Services

32 Years of experience as a speaker on college campuses, and other pubic venues.

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